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Amazon Launches The Echo Wall Clock That Additionally Displays The Timers Of The Echo Gadget Through A Ring Of LED

Final yr, Amazon launched the Echo Wall Clock, a biological clock that may additionally show timers out of your Echo gadget through a ring of LEDs across the clock’s face. Now, a brand new model of the device, the Echo Wall Clock ME, has shown up in Federal Communications Commission filings, and it seems that the brand new model can be Mickey Mouse-themed.

Past the addition of Mickey’s smiling face, twisted time-telling arms, and a cartoony background, it looks like the Echo Wall Clock ME shares lots of traits with the unique Echo Wall Clock. The ME seems to have the identical font for the clock’s numbers and related LEDs throughout the clock face.

It is primarily based on these filings, although it’s unclear if there are some other variations between the Echo Wall Clock ME and the original Echo Wall Clock. Hopefully, it won’t have the connectivity points that prompted Amazon to stop selling the original brief.

It’s not exterior risk that Amazon may make a Mickey-themed clock — Mickey is already well-identified for his aspect gig as a digital timekeeper in the Apple Watch — and maybe the existence of this clock signifies that Alexa will be getting a Mickey Mouse celebrity voice quickly, similar to the one it released of Samuel L. Jackson.