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By Controlling Individual Atoms, The Quantum Properties May Be Investigated For Technological Purposes

By controlling individual atoms, quantum properties might be investigated and made usable for technological purposes. For about ten years, physicists have been attached in the expertise that may seize and management atoms: so-known as nano-optical traps. The strategy of capturing microscopic objects with light recognized from optical tweezers is utilized to optical waveguides, in this case, a particular glass fiber. The glass fiber could solely be several hundred nanometers skinny about 100 instances thinner than human hair. Laser gentle of various frequencies is transferred into the glass fiber, creating a light-weight subject across the waveguide that may maintain individual atoms.

Thus far, nevertheless, the applicability of this technology has been restricted by the truth that the atoms have turn into extremely popular after a rapid time and are misplaced. The heating fee of three orders of magnitude larger than with optical tweezers, the place the sunshine area is generated in free space. Regardless of an intensive search, it had not been attainable to find out the trigger. Now Daniel Hümmer from the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Data of an Austrian Academy of Sciences on the College of Innsbruck in cooperation with Philipp Rauschenbeutel from the Humboldt College of Berlin has rigorously analyzed by the system. With their theoretical model, they have been capable of present that a specific type of mechanical vibration of the glass fiber is related to the robust heating of the particles. That is reported by the physicists in the journal Bodily Evaluate X.